Hiring Professional Magician, Comedian And Speaker Timothy Pitch To Represent Your Brand At Various Events Is Just The Thing To Differentiate You, Help You Get Positive Attention And Press, And Make You Really Stand Out In Your Industry…

Tim Pitch has been performing in the corporate arena for over 30 years.  He’s been a favorite at banquets, after-dinner events, hospitality suites, trade shows and as a brand ambassador for a variety of businesses including Walmart, Tradewinds Island Resorts and Domtar, to name a few.

Your Unique Brand Ambassador…

Unique & Dynamic PresentationsWhat a joy to work with performers who know what they are doing! I just got a call from “our man” at Dupont regarding your show last week.  His exact words were, ‘What a performer!  Tim is just what we needed. The audience was thrilled!’”

Tom Fowler, Agent  |  Capitol International Productions

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, it’s not easy to stand out.

Although a lot of business is conducted online today, (due to the pandemic as well as the trajectory of living in a more connected world), live meetings and events that bring people together are still a necessary part of conducting business — particularly at conferences, conventions and trade shows, where your business is just one among many in the same industry.

Differentiating yourself in a unique and memorable way is mandatory in order to stay relevant today.  And what better way to do it through entertainment with magic and comedy?

Everybody Loves Magic!

Magician for Corporate EventsMagic is like music: universal!  And everyone likes to laugh! When you combine this with your business —no matter what environment you’re in, you’re going to be remembered much more easily!

Magic combined with laughter creates “warm fuzzies” in people.  And when magic and comedy are tied in with YOUR business’ event, it’s a reflection of your brand, and people automatically make the internal connection of liking you.

It’s based on simple psychology.  We link feelings to events all the time — good or bad.

And amazing and amusing your prospects and customers with magic and comedy is a great way to link positivity and good feelings for your business — as well as help them remember you!

Tim’s presentations are perfect for:

  • Corporate EntertainmentProduct/Service Introductions. Tim can introduce your product in a memorable way through a custom-designed magic effect guaranteed to delight and amaze participants.
  • Hospitality Suites. At a conference or convention hosting a hospitality suite? Just set Tim up in a corner of the room to entertain your guests with mind-blowing close-up magic.
  • Trade Shows. Want more traffic to your booth? Magicians have been used for decades to draw a crowd and deliver your sales message through magic and comedy.   Tim will devise a customized short “show” to showcase your products/services.
  • After-Dinner Shows. When you want the perfect entertainment for your banquet or corporate event— or you may be sponsoring an after-dinner event at a conference — state-of-the-art magic combined with clean comedy and lots of audience participation ensures your event will be stellar!
  • A Reward or Motivation for Your Employees. Tim made his living at one time as a motivational speaker combining magic and comedy along with a motivational message of success and overcoming adversity. Just the perfect message to “fire up” your employees or reward them for a good year.

I thought your presentation to my office a few weeks ago was great! You did a terrific job of putting material together that was suited to our specific needs. Everyone commented on how good of a job you did. I would recommend you to any group!”

Charles Reynolds  |  MetLife

Some of Tim’s clients  include

Timothy Pitch Clients

Book Timothy’s “Motivational Magic”!

Professional Entertainment for Corporate Events in TampaAs a motivational speaker, Timothy has been presenting his keynote program, “The Magic of Your Potential” for audiences all over the US and Canada since 1995.

In this lively motivational keynote program, Tim blends magic, humor and personal example–along with a good dose of audience participation— to inspire YOUR audience and prove that ANYTHING is possible for their businesses — and their lives!

By sharing his story of overcoming a debilitating disability and building three successful businesses despite it, Tim will empower YOUR attendees to reach their full potential and realize that they can become unstoppable despite a volatile economy, market fluctuations or any personal or professional obstacles.

Tim has presented this program over 1000 times in 45 states and Canada and it’s always hit. He can blend whatever combination of entertainment to message you prefer (e.g. 50/50, 75/25, etc.) to ensure your audience is inspired AND entertained!

“I wanted to formally thank you for continually exceeding our client’s expectations during your comedy and motivational performances. Your talent and professionalism are a perfect match for any caliber of client we work with from small private groups to large corporations!”

Lisa Stokes, Owner  |  BRP Entertainment — Camp Hill, PA

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