Tim Piccirillo’s Themed Magic and Comedy Shows for Elementary Schools Is The Perfect Assembly Program to Educate and Entertain Your Students…

“In my almost 30 years of education I don’t believe I have seen a more appropriate assembly. Tim’s humor and magic were outstanding as both brought tears of joy and laughter to kids and adults alike!”

Dennis Ledebur, Principal
Main Street Elementary School, Titusville, PA

Timothy has performed at elementary schools all over the US, and currently presents professional comedy and magic shows for Kids in the Tampa Bay area. Using his usual blend of comedy, magic and audience involvement — always with an educational message — Tim’s school assembly programs are always a hit with the little ones.

Professional Comedy and Magic Shows for Kids in Tampa BayTimothy has 4 different themed shows:

  • “You Are Special—The Magic of Believing in Yourself”– This is a show aimed at boosting the self-esteem of every child in the audience.
  • “I Love to Read”– This program focuses on the importance of reading and what knowledge can do for you.
  • “The Say No Show” This is Timothy’s anti-drug program that stresses the benefits of being drug-free and how to avoid peer pressure.

School principals and counselors in Tampa and beyond just love Timothy’s programs. All of his shows are age-appropriate, have a timely and relevant message and are self-contained meaning, all you need to provide are the space and the audience!

“Thank you again this year for a fantastic show! Your comedy and magic show was a real crowd-pleaser again. It is rare to find such a family entertainer!”

Jane Wirt, Volunteer
Montandon Elementary PSA, Montandon, PA


Tim Piccirillo - Entertainment for School Assemblies