About Tampa Bay Family Entertainer Timothy Pitch

How a Teacher Inspired a Love of Magic

My love of magic started way back in 1973! I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in typing class in school. My teacher showed me a magic trick. I was hooked instantly. Over time, he showed me more and more tricks.

A month or so later, I went to his house for my own live magic show. With his wife acting as his assistant, he performed a spellbinding 40-minute magic show. It was amazing! They caused live animals to appear from thin air – doves, a white rabbit – I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Over the next two years, my teacher continued to “mentor” me in magic. I also picked up a lot of books on magic from my local libraries. As I continued to imp[rove my skills, I eventually started performing publicly at children’s birthdays, school assemblies, childcare centers, and more.

Adding Messages to the Magic

I grew up dealing with a very big challenge – Tourette Syndrome. To say it was a rough way to go through childhood is an understatement! But I preserved. I refused to give up. I had to work harder than anyone else I knew to achieve my goals. So, it made sense to me to start adding motivational messages to my shows.

I have traveled the country for the last 30+ years delivering programs with educational or motivational content. I’ve performed these programs for audiences of all ages. I love delivering messages of hope to elementary school-age students.

And I’ve delivered motivational programs to adult groups and even NASA! To me, providing powerful messages of empowerment gives my performing meaning. But I still love doing a show just to give my audiences a good time, too!

When I’m Not Performing…

Even when I’m not performing magic, I still learn about it. I love studying the greats that came before me. To me, mastering a chosen field never stops. There’s never a time when you can sit back and say, “Okay. I’ve learned all there is to learn about this.”

And my other major hobby is singing! I love to sing and even do it from time to time in my shows.

Let’s Get Together…

I’d love to help you make your next children’s event unforgettable and fun! Contact me today by calling (352) 638-4284. Or you can fill out the Form on my Contact page to start the conversation, too. I look forward to connecting with you!


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