Bring the Most Laugh-Filled Children’s Birthday Party Magic Show

in the Tampa Bay Area to YOUR Party!


Tampa Bay’s Funniest Children’s Party Magician Entertainer Will Have Your Child & Guests Laughing So Hard Their Faces Will Turn Red

If you’re looking for a children’s birthday party magic show, bring one that entertains kids on their level.

The problem with so many so-called children’s magicians is they try to do the same act that they would perform for an adult group. Kids don’t care about fancy sleight-of-hand. They don’t care about a magician’s skill. They just want to laugh and have a good time.

That’s why I’m your best option when looking for children’s birthday party ideas.

I’m Timothy Pitch, Tampa Bay’s Funniest Children’s Birthday Party Magician. I’ve been helping clients just like you make their child’s special day unforgettable and fun for 30+ years. And after performing for kids so long, I’ve gathered quite a few raving reviews!

Your Tampa Bay Event Needs a Children’s Magician Specialist

I’m Timothy Pitch and I’m a children’s magician entertainment specialist. My programs are silly, goofy, and specifically geared toward the ages of the children I’m performing for. And after doing this for 30+ years, I’m an expert at it. I even advise other magicians on how to better perform for kids.

But I don’t expect you to believe me. I’m not famous. This is probably the first time you’ve visited my site, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. Because anyone can claim they will do an amazing job performing for your children, I know I gotta bring proof.

And the best way is by showing a sample of the amazing feedback I’ve received over the years. Here’s what one recent client had to say:

“I had never, ever hired a magician for any reason until we decided we wanted one for my granddaughter’s 5th birthday.  There were several I contacted, but we decided there was something special about Tim.  Turns out, we were right!

“The show was WAY better than I even anticipated – I was amazed at how engaged and excited the kids were from beginning to end.  He knew how to work with kids between 2 and 8 for sure.  I had my doubts before the part, but Tim was very reassuring – and the day of the show he did an incredible job of keeping them entertained and in control.

“My granddaughter told her mom that the best part of her whole birthday was the REAL magician.  Several of the mothers who were at the show told my daughter-in-law how much fun the show was and what a great job Tim did. I would not hesitate to recommend or hiring him again! THANKS, TIM… YOU WERE AWESOME!”

–Kelley B.

And here’s one more:

“I am so lucky to have found this magician. He was very professional, arrived on time, and really knew how to control the crowd. Not only did he entertain the five-year-olds but also the senior citizens and parents too! I highly recommend him. He was a “Magic Touch” for our party.”

–Jennifer Davila

And that’s not all. My entire website is loaded with similar comments from folks who were looking to hire a magician for their children’s party. Want to see me in action? Check out the demo video on this page. You’ll see how I keep the audience laughing every few seconds!

But you might wonder how I do it. How do I hold the attention of high-energy, sugar-filled young kids on such an exciting day?

5 Reasons Why I’m Such a Popular Tampa Bay Area Children’s Party Magician

I often joke that I work so well with kids because we’re at the same maturity level! But it’s true. To connect with young kids, you gotta meet them where they are. And I’m an expert at it. Here are just a few ways I will connect with the kids at your upcoming birthday party:

Tampa Bay area children's magician Timothy Pitch sitting with children on a mat

  • On Their Level: I mean this literally! Rather than stand above the kids, I get down to their level, so we are closer together. It’s less intimidating for shy kids. And I can interact and emotionally connect with all the kids.


  • Focus on Fun: Kids like to be surprised. They like funny stuff. So my entire children’s magic show focuses on keeping the kids surprised and laughing. Magic happens when I’m not looking. Props fall apart. I act like a big kid myself. No serious magic poses or boring displays of incredible skill here!


  • Geared for Your Kids: Birthday parties have as much variety as snowflakes. No two are alike! I always alter the content of the show to fit the situation. Got a room full of four-year-olds? I have the perfect show! Are you inviting kids aged from one to twelve along with aunts, uncles, and relatives twice removed? Got ya covered!
  • Easy to Host: My birthday party magic shows set up FAST, in just a few minutes! That makes it easier when trying to keep kids (and your sanity) organized throughout your event!


  • 100% Clean Family Fun: So many other Tampa Bay area children’s party magicians try to use off-color jokes. Or innuendo. They do it in some misguided attempt to appeal to grownups. But after 30+ years of performing, I know the grownups get a kick out of watching the kids giggle and have a great time. So that’s what I focus on!

My Children’s Birthday Party Magic Shows are 100% Guaranteed

Have you ever seen a bad children’s party entertainer? Often, the whole show turns into a waste of time. The kids are bored. Younger ones may wander off completely. And the grownups who booked the thing are only thinking about the money they wasted!

I don’t you to worry. I want you to know going in that you’re completely protected. Here’s my guarantee:

If you feel I failed to deliver a hysterical, laugh-filled experience for your child on their birthday, you don’t have to pay me.

That’s incredibly fair. When you hire me as your magician for your child’s birthday party, you have complete peace of mind. But here’s a secret: In 30+ years of performing, not a single birthday party client has ever taken me up on my guarantee. And you won’t either.

Ready to Move Forward?

If you’re like many birthday party clients, your child’s party is probably coming up fast! But here’s the thing. I perform at over 200 events a year, so the date you want may already be taken. To find out if I’m available for your date, call me at (352) 638-4284. Or fill out the Form on my Contact page.

But since most birthday parties are on the weekends, those dates do go fast. Contact me right away while you’re thinking about it.

I look forward to helping you make your child’s special day one they’ll remember for years!


P.S. Remember those testimonials I told you about? Here’s a few more:

“Tim was an absolute delight to work with. Very responsive and communicative leading up to the party and throughout the duration of the party. He put on a wonderful show that “wowed” the kids and kept the adults entertained as well. I highly recommend Tim for all your magician needs!”

-Brooke Webster


“We were looking for a magician to entertain at my daughter’s 7th birthday party and that’s when Tim popped up in our Google search.  What a great find he was!  Excellent communication during the booking and planning stage and I immediately could tell I had the right guy!  Professional, courteous, friendly, personable and very accommodating (we asked him to perform outside at a park with temps nearly one hundred degrees)!  If that weren’t enough, our schedule got messed up because our food delivery was late so there was a gap to fill.  Tim was willing to start his show early and saved the party!  Not only was he able to manage a mixed age group of children, but he kept the adults entertained as well.  It was an amazing performance loaded with laughs, fun and magic – everyone loved the show!  Honestly, out of all the birthday party acts I’ve hired over the years, Tim was my best pick!  Super nice guy, easy to work with, great performer!  Need I say more?  I highly recommend Tim for any occasion.  You won’t be disappointed!”

-Ralph Romeo


“We hired Tim for an anniversary party at our church.  We had about 70 adults and kids.  Tim was amazing. He involved all the children in his tricks.  His humor and tricks were clean and very very funny.  We so appreciated the way both the adults and kids enjoyed his show.  I would highly recommend Tim for any party.  He is a great communicator and also gets back to you right away.  He is very clear on times and price.  Call Tim and have an awesome, fun time.”

-Bridgitte Bernhardt

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