Introducing the Easiest Educational School Assemblies

Your School Will Ever Host!


School Assembly Programs on Character Education, Read Across America, and Drug Awareness Perfect for K-5 Tampa Bay Area Schools

The right educational school assemblies can do wonderful things for your school. They can inspire your students to be their best. They can serve as a way to ‘shake things up’ in your school while reinforcing important educational concepts.

But not every school assembly program is created equal. Many school assembly presenters offer fun-filled entertainment for your students. But any educational messages or lessons are crammed into the final five minutes! The result? You just wasted valuable classroom time and precious PTA/PTO funds.

But I can help you.

An Educational Tampa Bay Area School Assembly Presenter with 30+ Years of Experience

I’m school assembly specialist Timothy Pitch. For decades, I’ve traveled across the United States and Canada offering motivational/educational programs. You can learn more about my story elsewhere on my site. Unlike other Tampa Bay school assembly programs, I pack my programs with valuable messages and lessons throughout the entire show.

By using a mix of jaw-dropping magic, hilarious age-appropriate humor, and onstage participation, I’ll hold the attention of your kids and deliver powerful messages they’ll remember long after my show is over.

Because many school assemblies are so lacking in content, I don’t expect you to blindly take me at my word! Here’s what just one recent school client said:

“Thank you again this year for a fantastic show. Your anti-drug comedy and magic show was a real crowd-pleaser again. You were a fabulous grand finale to our week-long Drug Awareness Program!”

                                                                                                Jane Wirt, PTA Volunteer

But that’s not the only one. You’ll see plenty of other comments from school administrators, principals, and PTA/PTO parents.  Right now, you might be wondering “What kind of messages are In your school assemblies?”

Glad you asked!

“In my almost 30 years of education I don’t believe I have seen a more appropriate assembly. Tim’s humor and magic were outstanding as both brought tears of joy and laughter to kids and adults alike!”

Dennis Ledebur, Principal
Main Street Elementary School, Titusville, PA


Tampa Bay area preschool magician for hire Timothy Pitch with a child onstage

3 School Assembly Program Topics Your Tampa Bay Area Students & Faculty Will Love

Currently, I offer three educational programs. Both are perfectly suited for K-5 audiences. Here are details on each:

You Are Special: The Magic of Believing In Yourself – Years ago when I created this show, I had no idea just how important it would become! Social media and other negative influences are tearing the soul out of our country. Your kids will love my message of believing in yourself. And they need it now more than ever.

I Love to Read – Celebrate Read Across America, PARP, and other reading initiatives with this fun program. This program focuses on how reading is such a valuable skill. But knowledge and reading aren’t the only focal point. I show your kids how FUN reading can be. My goal? For your students to empty your school’s library shelves after the show!

The ‘Say No’ Show – Yes, drug awareness school assemblies are still needed in our country. This program shows kids the benefits of living drug-free. And I spend a lot of time teaching them how to avoid peer pressure. This is STILL a fun, upbeat show that takes the subject matter very seriously.

“Thank you again this year for a fantastic show! Your comedy and magic show was a real crowd-pleaser again. It is rare to find such a family entertainer!”

Jane Wirt, Volunteer
Montandon Elementary PSA, Montandon, PA

5 Reasons Why I’m the Easiest School Assembly Presenter Working in the Tampa Bay Area

Now that you know what topics I cover, you may wonder what it’s like to work with me. As the headline of this webpage mentioned, my programs are easy to host! Here’s why:

  • Fast Set-Up: My programs are compact and easy to set up. I can perform anywhere your school needs. Gym, cafeteria, MPR, it doesn’t matter. My shows set up and breakdown in just 20-30 minutes!


  • School Culture: I ‘get’ the school environment. I know NOT to park in the bus circle during drop off or pick up. I understand how purchase orders and fingerprinting requirements work. I can acclimate to your school schedule quickly and easily!


  • Different Versions of Shows: I firmly believe a first grader needs information presented differently than a fifth grader. So I’ve taken the extra step of creating different versions of my school assemblies.


  • Guarantee: Yup, I even guarantee my programs! More on that in a moment.


  • Fully Insured: I’ve never had anything go wrong during my 30+ years of performing. But for your peace of mind, I do carry liability insurance.

In short, hosting a school assembly program has never been easier, guaranteed. Speaking of which…

School Assembly Programs Fully Guaranteed

It’s easy for any school assembly presenter in Tampa Bay to say they’re the best. But I’m different. I’ve provided proof in the form of raving feedback on this page and throughout my site. And just to set your mind at ease even further, here’s my guarantee:

If you feel I failed to deliver life-affirming lessons and messages in a fun-filled, interactive way that captivated your students, don’t pay me.

That’s it. Don’t like the program? You get it free. I can’t be any fairer than that. But after 30+ years, no one has ever taken me up on my guarantee. And you won’t either.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you want the easiest school assembly presenter in Tampa Bay to visit your school, contact me today. You can call directly at (352) 638-4284. Or you can fill out the form on my Contact page.

But I urge you to act fast. I perform over 200 programs a year throughout Florida. I’d hate for you to lose your date. Contact me now, while you’re thinking about it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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