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Preschool Entertainment that Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Tampa Bay area children's magician Timothy Pitch sitting with children on a mat

The best magicians for preschools know what young children want from a live show. Guess what? It isn’t amazing magic. To young children, so much of the world is magical. They lack the cognitive development and life experience to understand what “magic” is.

Bring in a “magic for all occasions” performer and chances are they’ll get it wrong. They’ll try to ‘wow’ the kids with amazing sleight of hand. But your little ones don’t understand or care about skill. So what makes for great preschool party entertainment?

I’m glad you asked.

I’ll cover my guarantee in a moment. But let me introduce myself.

“Such a wonderful magic show!!!! The kids were enthralled! And the age group was 3 to 10 years old… Tim’s show is great for all  ages! Parents too 😉  Highly highly recommend!!!”

Brigitte Starr, Daycare owner

A Magician Perfect for Preschools with 30+ Years Experience

I’m Tampa Bay area family magician Timothy Pitch. I love entertaining little ones. I love watching them laugh and giggle. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when something surprising happens. And after decades of performing across the United States and Canada (you can read more about my story HERE), I know what makes for a great preschool live show.

Here are just a few things I do to captivate your kiddos:

  • Silly Antics: I don’t try to ‘amaze’ your kids. Instead, I focus on fun skits and age-appropriate humor. It’s right on their level and is guaranteed to hold their attention.


  • Colorful Props: There’s zero sophisticated content in my shows. Nope. Instead, I focus on bright colors. Eye-catching props. Things that will grab the attention of the kids.


  • Join-In Fun: The best way to hold the attention of any age audience? Get them involved! I directly involve the entire audience. And I get individual kids up to help me make the magic happen.


  • Goofball Persona: Yup, I’m a goofball. Your kiddos will love my show because they’re not used to seeing a grownup act so silly!

As you can see, I don’t take myself too seriously during the show. The one thing so many other Tampa Bay area magicians don’t understand is the show shouldn’t be about showing off. If you know what you’re doing, you’re there for the kids.

Kids of All Ages & Adults Love My Silly Magic Shows and I Can Prove It

I’ve found the best way to appeal to kids in a preschool is by interacting with them on their level. You’ll see me get down to one knee for plenty of my show. The kids feel more secure this way because I’m not towering over them.

My programs are perfect for:

  • Childcare Centers
  • Learning Centers
  • Head Start Centers
  • Pre-Schools
  • Nursery Schools
  • KinderCare
  • And more…

But I understand if you’re skeptical. Maybe you’ve tried other magicians who claimed they were experts in preschools. To show you I get the results I promise, here’s what a recent client had to say:

“A world of thanks for a FABULOUS Family Fun Night! It was easy to see that the children thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I believe the parents had as much fun just watching the children laugh at/with you!”

                                                                                                Marie Fox, PTA Program Coordinator

And I know what you’re thinking. Anyone can get one show right! That’s why I offer a ‘preponderance of proof.’ Just check out all the pages on my site. You’ll see plenty of comments from school assembly clients, birthday party parents, and more.

But now I need to get back to something I mentioned earlier. Something I hinted at the top of this webpage to keep you reading. It’s my guarantee.

The Strongest Guarantee Any Magician for Preschools in Tampa Bay Could Offer

I know that budgets are tight for some preschools and childcare centers. And if you’ve ever seen a bad show, I want to give you peace of mind. So here’s my guarantee:

If you feel for any reason that I failed to deliver a fun-filled wacky magic show for your preschool kiddos, you don’t have to pay me a cent.

That’s pretty strong, don’t you agree? But here’s something you should know. After performing across the United States for 30+ years, want to know how many people have taken me up on my guarantee?

Zero. Zip. Nada. Not one.

And you won’t either. You’ll love the silly show I bring to your kiddos.

Let’s Connect!

If you like everything I’ve said, let’s chat. Feel free to call me directly at (352) 638-4284. Or fill out the Form on my Contact page.

But I have to give you a word of warning. I’m a busy guy. I perform at over 200 different locations a year. To avoid losing your preferred date, I urge you to contact me today, while you’re thinking about it.

I look forward to helping you create a wonderful experience for your preschool kiddos!


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