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About Corporate Entertainer Timothy Pitch…

So Who Is This Tampa Bay Area Corporate Entertainer?

Thank you for visiting my website! Now it’s time to peel back the layers of just who I am. First, yes, I’m a real guy. Not some ‘bot’ looking to hoodwink you for your Blockbuster membership. Yeah, I know they’re not around anymore. I still miss them.

A Love of Magic is Discovered

My love of performing started back in 1973. I was taking a typing class and my teacher showed me a magic trick. Well, from there I was hooked. He started showing me more magic in class and eventually out of class.

Finally, a month later, he invited me to his home. He and his lovely wife performed a very fun, theatrical show. It was really cool – live doves, and a white rabbit, I was enthralled. Over the next couple of years, he unofficially “mentored” me in magic. From there, I learned more magic by reading books. A lot of them.

I eventually started doing paid shows. Birthday parties, service clubs, and anywhere people needed entertainment. But soon I found another path.

Magic with a Message

Because I grew up with a debilitating illness, I found power in giving messages of hope and perseverance to groups. I lived it so a positive message made sense to me. I began infusing my magic with motivational and educational messages.

I traveled across North America delivering inspiring messages to thousands of groups. Clients loved my messages and I still enjoy bringing messages of hope and empowerment to groups. You can read more about my motivational corporate programs elsewhere on my site.

To this day, I’m still driven to perform. There’s a “fire in my belly” that’s always there.

What I Do in My Down Time…

When I’m not performing or honing my sleight-of-hand skills, I love to sing as a hobby! I’m a balladeer with a particular interest in 80’s music. Who knows, I might even belt out a tune or two when I come to your event.

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