Tampa Bay area children's magician Timothy Pitch sitting with children on a mat

A Cool Activity for Daycare Centers: A Magician!

If you run or work at a daycare center, you know firsthand the importance of keeping children entertained! And, as a professional magician in Tampa, I know firsthand just how to entertain children! Are you looking to update your activities schedule or bring in something new and enriching for young kids? Consider hiring a magician! Kids Of All Ages, From 3-103, Love Magic! If there’s one universal truth about magic, it’s that it’s downright magical! And that ...
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Tampa Bay area corporate event entertainer Timothy Pitchstanding on stage

“5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Magician for your Event”

So you’re ready to book a magician for your next event -  great! Professional magicians add memorable pops of fun, engagement and wonder to any party, conference or get-together. You don’t want to hire someone blindly, but how do you begin to source your options? When it comes time to book the talent, there are five common mistakes and pitfalls you should avoid. Not Checking Online Reviews Reviews are proof of delivery, and as close to word-of-mouth ...
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cartoon picture of magician wtih top hat, rabbit and cane

Magic For Retirees: The Pros Of Interactive Magic and Comedy

Sunny Florida is a top destination for retirees for a reason - and also for a certain comedian in Tampa! With warm weather and close friends nearby, it often feels like things can’t get more perfect. But eventually, the same old activities can start feeling a little repetitive. A participatory magic show - performed by not just a practiced illusionist but one who is also a comedian in Tampa - is the perfect way to liven up ...
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“Double Duty: Hiring A Comedy Magician For Private Parties”

Magic or jokes - why not get the best of both of worlds with a comedy magician? You don't have to settle for less when there's a two-for-one option. Don't be forced to choose between only comedy or magic! Hire both forms in one package for a truly unique party entertainer: a comedy magician. Now that the world is opening back up and parties are back on the agenda, summer 2021 and beyond is going to be ...
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“Why Your Corporate Event Entertainment Matters”

As the world gets back to a sense of normalcy, it’s more important than ever to strike the right note at your corporate event. In fact, over the past year in various stages of lockdown, two important things have happened: Employees have begun valuing more and more a positive and relaxed work culture, and everyone has come to expect unique experiences. You can ensure your next corporate event hits all the right notes by hiring top-tier entertainment, ...
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“Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Magician For Your Child’s Birthday Party”

A child’s birthday party is inherently magical, and there’s almost nothing kids love more than a good theme. If you’re looking to make your own child’s birthday party extra special, consider hiring a magician to really bring the pizzazz. Here are five favorite reasons to have a magician: Kids Love Magic The first reason is pretty universal: what kid doesn’t love magic? With a long and storied tradition, magicians have been bringing smiles to kids’ faces for ...
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entertainer onstage

“Why Hiring a Cheaper Entertainer is Not Always a Good Idea”

The entertainment industry is an exciting place. I have worked for over 30 years as a comedy magician, and in those years, I have discovered the diversity and uniqueness of every audience I’ve performed for. I have learned that what entertains one audience may completely put-off another.  And to ensure every audience leaves my event thoroughly entertained, I have mastered the art of “reading” an audience within about 5 minutes of starting the show.  Reading my audience ...
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audience members laughing at comedy performer

“The Case for a Comedy Performer Who Works Clean”

As a veteran comedy performer—specifically a comedy magician—who has performed at the gamut of venues over the course of almost four decades, I’ve found that working “clean” is just good business.  It has nothing to do with being politically correct or even coming from a moralistic viewpoint.  It essentially boils down to one thing: if you offend your audience, you’re not going to be invited back and it could hurt your chances for future work due to ...
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various props used by a magician

“The Top 5 Reasons To Book A Magician for Your Party or Event”

A magician is simply a good choice of entertainment for any type of event. There. I said it. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why.  There are a lot of options for entertainment out there.  From solo musical performers, to bands and other variety acts like ventriloquists, you have a lot of choices today. And they can all be found online. The days of using the small talent agency are largely over.  Some agencies still exist but ...
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