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Want Belly Laughs Galore at Your Next Corporate Function, Banquet, or Private Event?

I’m Tampa Bay corporate party entertainment & private event magician Timothy Pitch. I’ll get right to the point: either my hilarious comedy magic show gives your guests stomach aches from laughing so hard or you don’t pay me. It’s that simple and strong.

I’ll get back to my guarantee in a moment. But if this is your first time visiting my site (it likely won’t be your last) you’re looking for good corporate entertainment ideas. The problem is not all entertainers are created equal, even in the Tampa Bay area, where you have a lot of entertainment options.

The Problem with Most Corporate Functions Entertainment…

If you have attended several corporate events in the past, you likely have seen entertainment that did more to harm the event than help it. Like entertainers who use blue or inappropriate material. Or the other side of the spectrum, the ones who bore the audience.

Let’s face it, the best corporate party entertainers need to check off several boxes. And a big one is simply proof. How do you KNOW your choice is the right choice? By past client feedback. What an entertainer’s past clients say speaks volumes.

Here is what one recent client said after my show:

Unique & Dynamic PresentationsWhat a joy to work with performers who know what they are doing! I just got a call from “our man” at Dupont regarding your show last week.  His exact words were, ‘What a performer!  Tim is just what we needed. The audience was thrilled!’”

Tom Fowler, Agent  |  Capitol International Productions

You’ll see more comments soon. And that’s not all. Here are more reasons why I’m the perfect person for your next event.

5 Reasons Why I’m The Best Live Corporate Entertainment Option in the Tampa Bay Area

Magician for Corporate Events

As a corporate party entertainer specialist, I’ve been ‘wowing’ audiences just like yours for decades. You can read more about me elsewhere on my site.

In no particular order, here are 5 reasons why my comedy magic entertainment will make your upcoming corporate function the most memorable:

  • Corporate EntertainmentLaughter – The biggest reason I’ll help you make your next corporate event incredible is my comedy. Your guests will laugh so hard that their stomachs will hurt.
  • 100% Clean Comedy – Don’t worry, even though my corporate comedy magic shows are hilarious, I never do or say anything that anyone would find objectionable.


  • Amazing Magic – Yup, magic! I’m like a stand-up comedian who also does amazing stuff. Your guests will be amazed at my mind-blowing and jaw-dropping magic. It adds a completely different dimension to the hilarity of my comedy.


  • Interactive – Ask any corporate event planner what they want most from their entertainer. Almost all will say “to get everyone involved.” I have everyone participating in the audience. And I get multiple guests up to be directly involved with the magic throughout the show.


  • Easy to Host – My shows are easy to host. After performing at hundreds of upscale Tampa Bay area corporate events over the years, I’ve learned one thing. Any entertainment option has to be easy to host. My show sets up in just a few minutes. No elaborate set-ups or hauling in endless crates of material. You’ve got enough to worry about!

Have those five things in place and you’ve got the recipe for a great time at your upcoming event. And I’m so sure I’m the perfect fit that I fully guarantee my corporate magic shows.

Some of My Clients  Include:

Timothy Pitch Clients

Remember, My Corporate Entertainment Programs are 100% Guaranteed

Professional Entertainment for Corporate Events in Tampa

Here’s the thing. Anybody can put up a website and declare themselves to be the “best corporate entertainment idea in Florida.” But the ones who are the ‘real deal’ aren’t afraid to back up their claims.

I teased my guarantee earlier. Here are the details:

If you don’t feel I delivered the most hilarious and corporate-friendly entertainment your company has ever seen, don’t pay me.

Yup, that’s it. My guarantee is that simple and strong. No weasel clauses. No fine print. Just straight talk from a guy who’s been performing at corporate events like yours all over the United States.

Ready to Get Started?

Now it’s up to you. Check out the rest of my site. Visit my Corporate Events page to discover what kind of corporate programs my shows fit best. And yes, I do Private Events, too.

Here’s how to get started. Contact me in several ways:

  1. Fill out the Contact Form on this page. Once I receive your information, we’ll connect.


  1. Call me directly at (352) 638-4284. I’ll learn about your event, and you can ask me any questions.

And no “salesy” pressure, promise. Just a conversation between two people who want the same thing – for your next corporate event to be the most successful ever.

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. Before I forget, I’ve got a free gift for you! Fill out the Contact Form on this page and I’ll send you as copy of my special corporate event planning report, “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Event Coordinators Make When Hiring a Speaker or Entertainer — and How to Avoid Them!”

This eye-opening report will help you avoid many of the ‘potholes’ common in corporate event planning.

P.P.S. I’ve already mentioned how important positive reviews are when choosing your next entertainer or speaker. Here’s a few more:

“Timothy Pitch was great. Our Awards banquet was so much fun with Timothy! I highly recommend him for any occasion. He’s funny and engages the audience in all the fun. He gets my vote!”

-Robin McFarland, Tampa, FL

“Our group of about 10 executives had a great time with Tim at Saddlebrook resort. He came prepared and on time. Our groups’ favorite trick was his ketchup in brown bag and mystery ball tricks!”

-Christina Kim, Google, Inc.

“Tim is an incredible magician, great routines and perfect professional. He is a great person to work with, definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a good entertainment, fun, and good work.”

-Carlos Caze, South Tampa University, FL

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