Discover How This One ‘Magic’ Word Can Help You & Your Employees

Overcome Any Adversity, Pitfall, or Obstacle They Encounter Today,

Tomorrow, or Years From Now

Are you looking for a ‘spark’ for your employees and staff? The right corporate motivational speaker can give your company that boost to bounce back from a rough patch. It’s no secret corporate America has had it rough in recent years. Economic downturns. Supply chain issues. The Great Resignation. And the list goes on.

For your business to not just survive but thrive in these challenging times, you need one word to overcome any obstacle. Without this word, your company will wither and die on the vine. With it, you’ll be able to bounce back from anything.

What is this word? Resiliency.

And I’m the best person to demonstrate to your staff the power of this word.

Why I’m the Best Motivational Speaker on Resiliency

Professional Entertainment for Corporate Events in Tampa

I’m corporate motivational speaker Timothy Pitch. I’ve presented renowned educational and motivational presentations, workshops, and breakout sessions to corporate groups and associations just like yours for 30+ years. My clients rave about my programs.

Here’s what one client said:

Your show met and exceeded every expectation I had….Your very quick and clever wit was perfectly suited for our group…..and you easily kept our  participants in stitches throughout your act.

Darrell Klute, The Rehabilitation Center

But my experience presenting to corporate motivational programs in Florida is not the main reason you should hire me for your event. It’s because I am the living and breathing embodiment of the power of resiliency.

Some of Tim’s clients  include:

Timothy Pitch Clients


How Resiliency Helped Me Overcome A Childhood Diagnosis that Threatened to Derail My Life

When I was very young, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. In the media, it’s jokingly portrayed as the “swearing disorder.” But the reality is much worse.  I was fortunate to not have the vocalizations or involuntary swearing, like many people with TS have.  But my body would spasm, making it difficult to control my movements. And this was before doctors really knew how to treat this disease. To say I had a “difficult time” growing up is a major understatement.

But I didn’t give up.

I persevered. And I had help, too. My parents, teachers, and friends supported me and helped me in any way they could. But with their help, I still had to find it within myself to keep pushing. To make something of myself. And I did. I’ve been an entertainer and speaker for 30 years. I’ve built and sold multiple businesses, including an entertainment agency and a digital marketing agency.

“I wanted to formally thank you for continually exceeding our client’s expectations during your comedy and motivational performances. Your talent and professionalism are a perfect match for any caliber of client we work with from small private groups to large corporations!”

Lisa Stokes, Owner
BRP Entertainment – Camp Hill, PA

How My Corporate Motivational Program Teaches Resiliency

Here’s the thing. Many motivational speakers can get your employees fired up. They can fill them with good feelings and adrenaline. But then what? What happens after the speaker leaves and your employees are at their desks the next day, dealing with whatever problem plops itself in their laps?

That’s where my program is different.

My corporate motivational program is called Bounce Back: How to Survive And Thrive Despite ANY Adversity.” In this fast-moving presentation, I’ll deliver specific tools, techniques, and hacks to make learning how to be resilient a very real and achievable goal. Some of the techniques I will teach your group include:

  • Perception: Humans don’t operate in reality. We operate in our own perceptions of reality. I’ll teach your attendees to mold their perceptions to make their worldviews better, healthier, and more productive.


  • Anchoring: Most people don’t know, but they form thousands (millions?) of anchors in their lives. Anchors are literally baked into our daily existence. They happen automatically below our conscious awareness. By learning to harness the power of anchoring, you’ll be able to change your mind instantly.


  • Teamwork: Too often, we’re trained to believe we have to solve our problems alone. That’s just plain wrong. And counterproductive! I’ll demonstrate the power of interdependence at work.


  • Continuous Learning: By adopting the attitude of a lifelong learner, each employee can continue to evolve as the demands of corporate America change. With continuous learning, they can keep up in the fast-paced 21st-century life we’re in.


  • Your “Little Red Ball”: Your employees will find out what this means when they hear my story. Best of all, they’ll be able to take elements of my story to create their own unique models for navigating life while maintaining a healthy and tranquil state of mind.


  • End that Feeling of Helplessness: Your employees will also discover the number one thing that is keeping them stuck…and how to overcome it.

The entire presentation is wrapped around the bigger vision of maximizing your organizations potential by leveraging your most valuable asset: your employees. And a resilient workforce in your business can give you a distinct advantage in your industry.

A resilient culture means happier employees, increased productivity and even reduced employee turnover. 

But the Bounce Back: How to Survive And Thrive Despite ANY Adversity” program is more than just talking. Like most effective corporate motivational speakers, I understand how important it is to engage an audience. And I use a very unique ‘tool’ many motivational speakers in Florida wouldn’t even consider.

How This Corporate Motivational Speaker Captivates Audiences Just Like Yours

What is this ‘tool?’

It’s MAGIC! Yes, magic. After performing for groups like yours across North America for decades, I’m an expert at weaving fun and amazing magic into my presentations. But these are not a few magic tricks just to ‘wake up the audience. My magic routines are carefully crafted to highlight, enhance, and illustrate my messages.

Best of all, I get your group involved. By getting your employees in on the action, the entire audience is engaged. And while my presentations are fun and exciting, no one is ever embarrassed. No one is ever the ‘butt’ of a joke. Your attendees will feel empowered when my program is over, guaranteed.

My “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee

I have heard horror stories about certain motivational speakers. Maybe you have, too. The ones with a weak message. The ones that entertain, but don’t offer much of a message. Your company’s time and budget are too important to waste on an ineffective speaker. Let me put your mind at ease.

Here’s my guarantee:

If for any reason you feel my Bounce Back: How to Survive And Thrive Despite ANY Adversity” corporate motivational program failed to satisfy your expectations in any way, I’ll tear up your check on the spot. That’s it. No fine print, no hidden conditions.

But here’s the truth. You won’t want to take me up on my guarantee. No one ever does. Out of 30+ years of performing, not a single client has ever taken me up on my guarantee.

“Okay, Tim, I’m Intrigued. What Happens Next?”

Now it’s up to you. Ready to connect? You can contact me in three ways:

  1. Email me at:
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Just for responding, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my special report, “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Event Coordinators Make When Hiring a Speaker or Entertainer – and How to Avoid Them!”

Now it’s time for the bad news.

As one of Florida’s busiest and most in-demand speakers/entertainers, I’m booked at over 200 events a year. Want to avoid disappointment? Contact me today, while you’re thinking about it.

I look forward to helping you make “resiliency” a valuable weapon in your company’s arsenal against adversity!


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