“Professional Magician Timothy Pitch is a Veteran Sleight-of-Hand Artist Too!”

Professional Magician in Tampa - Tim PiccirilloWhen Timothy started in magic at the tender age of 13, he learned “close-up” magic—a more intimate form of magic involving sleight-of-hand with cards, coins, balls, etc., that happens right in front of the spectators eyes.  In some of his effects the magic happens right in the spectators own hands!

Professional magician Timothy Pitch performs this type of magic for smaller audiences where a more intimate show is indicated. He can perform either seated or standing at a table. This type of magic also lends itself well to a “parlor” type of show where it’s a more informal form of stand-up magic.

As in all of Timothy’s performances, CLEAN comedy with lots of one-liners and witty interaction with spectators  are all blended with his magic to ensure a GREAT time is had by all.

Just the perfect entertainment for:

  • Small private parties
  • Hospitality suites
  • Trade shows
  • Small business meeting
  • Cocktail parties
Tim Piccirillo - Entertainment for School Assemblies