Corporate Magician

“5 Way to Use a Corporate Magician for Your Company Events”

Ok, so this article may be a bit self-serving about hiring a corporate magician for your company events, but bear with me for a bit. I’ll actually show you not only five ways to use a corporate magician but also why hiring a magician is the best bet for your corporate entertainment needs. Aside from the fact that magic is actually the second oldest profession (if you don’t know the first, simply Google it. 🙂 ), it’s ...
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Choosing a Magician or Entertainer

“5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Magician or Entertainer for Your Event”

The days of going through a talent agency to get a magician or entertainer for your event are long over.  Today most event planners and talent bookers find entertainers for their events by doing research online.  Although there are online talent websites where you can choose from a variety of entertainers, you still need to screen performers for your event even when booking on these websites. Whether your party or function is a corporate banquet, street festival ...
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