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“5 Way to Use a Corporate Magician for Your Company Events”

Ok, so this article may be a bit self-serving about hiring a corporate magician for your company events, but bear with me for a bit. I’ll actually show you not only five ways to use a corporate magician but also why hiring a magician is the best bet for your corporate entertainment needs.

Aside from the fact that magic is actually the second oldest profession (if you don’t know the first, simply Google it. 🙂 ), it’s currently an extremely popular form of entertainment that seems to be gaining in popularity as time goes on.

I vividly remember when I started my magic career as a youngster in the late 70’s.  Doug Henning and David Copperfield came on the scene and took the public by storm.  Because of these two gifted illusionists, the public became fascinated again with this age-old art form.  Couple this with the fact that they both had distinct styles, it emboldened other magicians to branch out and take magic to different types of venues and niches.

Corporate magic became one of these specialties within the magic industry and there were a number of professional magicians who specialized in various aspects of it.

Below are 5 of these ways magicians specialize in the corporate arena…

  1. Trade shows.  This was a very popular way to use a corporate magician at one time and is still used today.   The magician would be at the company booth and do a series of short shows as a way to draw visitors in. He then weaved the corporate message into the presentation and then directed the crowd to talk to the salesmen at the end of the show.
  2. Hospitality Suites. This is another great place to use a corporate magician. Many companies will have a hospitality suite at a conference or convention and have a magician set up in a corner to do magic for the guests. It’s simply another way for the company to show goodwill toward their prospects and customers in addition to simply offering food and drinks.
  3. After-dinner entertainment. A great way to use a corporate magician is at a banquet or dinner. After the participants have had the cocktail hour and then dinner, there are usually awards or some company officials that will say a few words regarding the reason for or theme of the dinner.  Having a magician cap off the evening is a great way to send attendees out with a smile on their face.
  4. Strolling magic. I recently did a “strolling” or “roaming” magic gig for a local hospital’s quarterly leadership meeting.  The event was held at a local movie theatre and my job was to do magic while wandering throughout the crowd of 250 people prior to the actual meeting. This is always a good ice-breaker for meetings or even corporate banquets and dinners.
  5. Brand Ambassador. Once known as a “tame magician”, this is essentially a role the magician fills as a representative for a particular company. The magician performs at various events the organization may want to have a presence at.  These include conferences or trade shows or even a new product launch. The magician can entertain but also may or may not incorporate the company sales message into his or her presentation.

Because magic is still a novel and unique form of entertainment, more and more corporations are realizing the value of using a magician.  A magician who can add humor to his show, do both “close-up” sleight-of-hand magic as well as a stand-up show, can add real value to an organization that wants to make an impression on customers, clients and potential business partners.

Timothy Pitch has been doing magic professionally for over 30 years and has done hundreds of corporate dates in all the capacities listed above. He does a hilarious stand-up comedy magic act with CLEAN comedy and lots of audience participation. He also is an accomplished sleight-of-hand magician and in-demand at corporate events and parties all over Tampa Bay.  Email him today at or call him at: (352)638-4284.

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