“Double Duty: Hiring A Comedy Magician For Private Parties”

Magic or jokes – why not get the best of both of worlds with a comedy magician? You don’t have to settle for less when there’s a two-for-one option. Don’t be forced to choose between only comedy or magic! Hire both forms in one package for a truly unique party entertainer: a comedy magician.

Now that the world is opening back up and parties are back on the agenda, summer 2021 and beyond is going to be the prime season for social events – and for making a great impression. Are you already planning your next party? Is there a birthday bash ahead? here’s why you should hire a comedy magician to guarantee a memorable event:

Double Your Entertainment In One Place

If you’re looking to impress at your next private party and keep your guests entertained and engaged, you often can find a plethora of one-channel performers. There are entertainers who specialize in illusions, those who are strictly singers, bands (and only bands), or comedians who tell a great joke – but that’s all they do. With a comedy magician, you have versatility and built-in flex. What does that mean? There’s never a dull moment or a chance for an act to go stale. It’s notĀ only magic tricks, but it’s entertaining banter, too!

Give Your Guests The Unexpected

Simply having hired entertainment for a party is a pretty good idea, but many partygoers have come to expect the same old routine. Keep them on their toes (in a good way!) with an entertainer who does captivating magic with comedic banter sprinkled in. They won’t know what to expect next and they won’t want to miss a word, so they’ll stay tuned in and having fun for the entire party.

Encourage Guest Interaction

Comedy magicians don’t believe in keeping guests at arm’s length. There’s no chance for a party guest to feel left out, as comedy magicians incorporate audience participation in the form of jokes, anecdotes, questions, and more. We pride ourselves in not only performing tricks for a large audience all at once but strolling through the party and interacting with people one-on-one, for a truly personalized experience. Every guest feels included and no one feels left out or bored.

Minimize Downtime And Lulls

There’s only so much small talk people can do. Don’t let your guests fall into awkward silences or a never-ending cycle of commenting on the weather. With a comedy magician, the entertainment is always flowing and always giving guests something to focus on – and even talk about! Let me do the hard work of keeping partygoers entertained, so you, too, can focus on having fun rather than stressing over host duties the entire night.

Don’t Worry About Offending Guests

I specialize in clean comedy and magic shows. There’s plenty to laugh at, but nothing’s done at anyone else’s expense, nor is anyone made to feel uncomfortable. You can feel safe having guests of all ages and entertainment tastes without worrying that they will find something distasteful. A clean comedy routine is not only guaranteed laughs, but it’s a guaranteed comfort level for every single guest.


Your next party is sure to be a welcome return to fun in 2021. Make it one your guests will remember for a long timeĀ by booking me as a comedy magician now. I can provide comedic shows and strolling magic either in-person or even virtually for events!

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