Tampa Bay area children's magician Timothy Pitch sitting with children on a mat

A Cool Activity for Daycare Centers: A Magician!

If you run or work at a daycare center, you know firsthand the importance of keeping children entertained! And, as a professional magician in Tampa, I know firsthand just how to entertain children! Are you looking to update your activities schedule or bring in something new and enriching for young kids? Consider hiring a magician!

Kids Of All Ages, From 3-103, Love Magic!

If there’s one universal truth about magic, it’s that it’s downright magical! And that transcends ages. As a professional magician in Tampa, I can’t stress enough how often adults are just as enraptured at a kid’s party as the children are! Not only will a magician provide equal amounts of wonderment to the kids and caretakers, but magic can be an interest that kids can grow with! There is no age limit on enjoying a magic show, so kids of all ages will have a great time at a single performance.

Teaches Important Developmental Skills

Although magic shows are often immersive events, the basic rules of showmanship still apply, albeit in a safe and encouraging space. While watching a magic show, kids can be taught in real-time how to “act like an audience” by not yelling out or interrupting, by sitting still, etc. during the show. The more engrossed they are, the easier they’ll learn! And as growing pains happen, they won’t be disruptive to others in an environment outside the daycare – plus professional magicians, in Tampa or otherwise, are trained to be really understanding.

Guaranteed Fun Lead By A Professional Magician in Tampa

So much about entertaining children can feel like a gamble. Not all kids are good at sports, not all kids enjoy reading. But a live magic show is a surefire hit! Not only are the antics and illusions captivating, but professional magicians are trained to keep an audience entertained. You won’t find waning attention spans or bored faces when the show is literally happening around and for the kids!

Magic Stimulates The Imagination

All kids need the freedom and wonder of stretching their imaginations. Rather than letting their young minds grow stale, magic opens up a door of wonderment and encourages kids to dream, question, interact, explore and more. Watching a magic show can often become a core memory for children and encourage them to dream beyond the ordinary.

It’s A Thought-Provoking Catalyst

As a professional magician in Tampa, I know just how thought-provoking magic can be. It’s something so fluid and involved, too, that it’s not just for kids! The right magic show at a young age can be the perfect catalyst to kickstart a lifelong interest in the art and inspire a child to learn more about magic – and possibly even more about becoming a magician! Or if not a magician, then a similar entertainer or a storyteller or a costumer. The possibilities of expanded interest are nearly endless.

Ready to take your next daycare activity to a new level and incorporate a little magic into your children’s routine? Check out my website and email me to speak to a real professional magician in Tampa!

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