“Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Magician For Your Child’s Birthday Party”

A child’s birthday party is inherently magical, and there’s almost nothing kids love more than a good theme. If you’re looking to make your own child’s birthday party extra special, consider hiring a magician to really bring the pizzazz. Here are five favorite reasons to have a magician:

Kids Love Magic

The first reason is pretty universal: what kid doesn’t love magic? With a long and storied tradition, magicians have been bringing smiles to kids’ faces for years. If you want your child to remember their party for a lifetime, dazzling them with some mystical, fun tricks is the way to go.

Shows Are Tailored To Kids

Every kid is different – so their entertainment should be too! A magician at a child’s birthday party customizes their show to the tastes and preferences of actual kids, keeping them engaged and having a blast.

Keeps Kids Occupied

As a parent, there is enough stress keeping a child’s birthday party running safely and smoothly, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on kids. During a magic show, all kids are at rapt attention in one spot, giving mom or dad some breathing room.

Magicians Keep Things Interactive

There’s no chance for bored or disengaged kids at a magician party. The very nature of a magic act is interactive, keeping kids feeling included, staying busy and having fun. There’s no chance of feeling left out at a magic show.

It’s Fun For Parents, Too!

The magic acts at a child’s birthday party aren’t just for the kids – it’s entertaining for the adults, too! While some children’s entertainment can be traditionally a bit boring to parents, magic is the rare exception that provides a fun and engrossing experience for quite literally all ages!


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